Halloween Safety

If your kids are TRick-or-treating

  1. Add reflective tape to costumes or candy bags for better visibility

  2. Make sure you and your kid(s) are equipped with flashlights

  3. Use costume makeup instead of masks to avoid obstructed eyesight

  4. Pin long costumes and wear comfortable shoes to prevent tripping
  5. Accompany your kids out or arrange for them to trick-or-treat with a group supervised by an adult

  6. Teach your kids how to safely cross the street and check for oncoming traffic

  7. Only visit a home if the porch light is on

  8. Plan a route and stay together

  9. Examine treats and toss out anything unwrapped

No Kids?

  1. Slow down and drive carefully, and be sure to keep an eye out for children crossing the street

  2. Properly restrain your pets

  3. If you’re handing out treats, clear your yard of any items visitors may trip on

  4. Keep your home and walkways well-lit (unless you’re closing up for the night, then simply turn your porch light off)

  5. Replace jack-o’-lantern candles with flameless candles or glow sticks

Have a safe and fun-filled Halloween!

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